About us

Who we are? A perfectly complementary team consisting of... two people. The student years are behind us, but we have quite well learned how difficult it is to find a flat to rent. To save you the problems and unpleasant situations that we experienced ourselves, we implemented our idea. Here it is. Home CV - more than a typical website with classifieds. A place where besides adverts you will also find very valuable tips. The rental market is a lottery, both tenants and the landlord risk. There is nothing left for us but to create a portal that will significantly reduce or in some cases perhaps completely eliminate the risk. Therefore, registered users of our portal can:

  • share your opinion and issue references at the end of the rental period;
  • use valuable rental information that regularly appears on our blog.


  • the landlords as part of the GOLD and PLATINUM packages have access to a contact information to constantly enlarged and updated database of tenants seeking housing;
  • people looking for flats for rent, thanks to a properly completed profile, can be found by the landlord themselves.

We hope that our idea will help thousands of people find a suitable apartment, and the owners - decent tenants among the candidates.

Dagmara i Tomasz